We have a large selection of vintage luxe colored and clear goblets. Our gorgeous  assorted colored or clear vintage goblets  collection range from 7-12 oz. They are 5.5-7" tall.  They pair beautifully with our clear 12 oz. 'Hobstar' goblets.

If you prefer matching goblets we have a large selection of: clear ‘Hobstar’ style, Blush Carousel style, Smokey Blue Carousel style, Purple Carousel style or and we have a decent amount of matching vintage clear goblets in 4 select patterns. If you are interested in additional quantities, we may be able to get them by special order before your event (additional charges may apply, ask for details).

Colored Goblets - $1.75

Clear Goblets - $1.50

We have added modern glass hot beverage mugs to our collection (see picture below). We also have a number of punch bowls and cups for your punch ‘tasting’ bar.

Some examples of our glassware in action……